Le mer Public School, Thriprayar

Fit India Movement – “Fitness week celebration” from November 16th to 22rd 2019 – Report

Activities undertaken during this week:

  • Yoga, free hand exercise aerobics etc in the morning assembly.
  • Activities like gardening, dance, rope skipping, sports and games were conducted during regular time.
  • Lecture on mental fitness by our Wellness officer, Mrs.Faseela.
  • Teachers took classes for students on health and nutrition.
  • Fitness assessment taken by PE teachers.
  • The following competitions were held during this week:
  • Poster making competition on theme – “Fit Body – Fit Mind – Fit Environment”.

The winners are:

 First prize     – Fathima Jannath K.T, XII

Second prize – Rajalakshmi, XII

Third prize     – Aruna K.G, XII

Consolation prizes – Rabiya Shiraz, XII

                                       Shifa P.S, XII           

  • Essay writing competition on theme – “Fit India School”.

 The winners are:

First prize      – Fadiya P.I, IX

Second prize – Hiba Basheer, IX

Third prize     – Fidha fathima, IX

  • Fitness/Sports Quiz.

 The winners are:

First prize     – Niranjan N.U, VII

                            Sreyas V.B, VII

Second prize – Sreelakshmi P.S, VII

Third prize     – Abhay Pradeep,VII

Consolation prizes – Niharika, V

                                            Anikha K.S, V

                                            Muhamed Amal, VI

  • Created awareness on indigenous sports & games and made students do that.


  1. Launching of Fit India Movement.
  2. Activities – Gardening, Dance, Skipping, Sports (Indigenous), Games, Yoga.
  3. Mental Fitness Activities.
  4. Counsellor’s class.
  5. Teacher’s class- Health & Nutrition – Collection of fruits-   made salad & distributed.
  6. Competition Results & photos of winners.
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