►To create proactive global citizens.
►To develop Le mer to be the most sought after school for parents who seek admission for their wards and for job aspirants in the field of education.


►Impart knowledge of high standards catering to the needs of fast changing society.
►Train students to realise their educational potential and become independent lifelong learners.
►Unfold inherent talents of students and enable them to do their best for themselves as well as for the society.
►Nurture democratic atmosphere.
►Appreciate all cultures.
►Impart value based education and instil ethical values.
►Groom the students as productive and responsible citizens.
►Give stress on quality management.
►Personify commitment to the need and expectation of the society.
►Cultivate disaster management skills in students and equip them for meeting challenges of modern times.

Mission Statement

“Through improved teaching-learning processes and by incorporating moral values and social service with school activities, the school aims to groom proactive and compassionate global citizens of tomorrow”