Students at Le mer are able to take advantage of a varied and generous range of activities that contribute to the notion that challenge. The school organises co-curricular activities through out the year to ensure all round development of the students. Activities are organised under three headings: Creativity, Action and Service.

CREATIVITY comprises all artistic and performance based activities. The school organises various literary and art competitions and conducts school youth festival to bring out their talent. The school trains students to participate in state Youthfestival. Dance, Music, Art and Craft Department initiates creativity-based activities in the school.

ACTION comprises all sporting activities but will not be exclusive to sports. In addition to being a core component of the formal curriculum, sports and games will be provided to all students, and all will be expected to participate. Whilst enjoyment and competition are essential, so are skills and physical well-being. Students are divided into four different Houses – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.. Sports competitons are held House wise and on Sports Day, House Champions will be declared. Coaching is given to students to participate in state atheletic competition. In addition to basic physical training, Le mer will offer a varied programme of activities including the usual team sports such as football, cricket, badminton ,volleyball, chess and carroms

SERVICE entails working with and assisting students within the school, local communities external to the school and occasionally participating in national social initiatives so that the student, the school, and the receiving group, all benefit from the experience.