Payment Policy

The fees can be paid in lump sum for the whole year or in 3 instalments  as shown in the table given below


Last date without fine

Last date with Rs. 10/- fine

Last date with Rs. 15/- fine


June 10th

June 15th


June 20th


Sept 10th



Sept 20th





Sept 20th

If any of the dates given above falls on a holiday the fee the fee can be paid on the next working day. Fee once paid is not refundable. Parents can make the payment at the office counter as per the schedule between 8.30 a.m and 1.30 p.m. on all working days.  There is also facility  of paying fees at any branhc of Federal Bank, Students will not be allowed to appear for the examination/evaluation if they fail to clear all the fees within the dates given above.
Caution Deposit
The caution deposit is refundable once the student has left school, subject to deductions in-case of any damage caused / dues incurred due to:
     a) Mishandling or loss of School property (e.g. books, laboratory equipments, computers)
b) Third party damage / loss caused by the student
c) Lack of notice given for withdrawal
The deposit is not interest-bearing.
Sibling Concession
More than two students from a family (Siblings) are studying in the school, 33.3% concession in fee will be given to one child. The concession will be given to the youngest child. The concession is made on the condition that all the siblings continue their schooling at Le mer. 
Notice of Withdrawal
Parents must give notice of withdrawal of a student at least 15 days  prior to the student’s intended withdrawal. Failure to provide this notice will result in a non-refund of the security deposit.

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