Parents at Lemer

Le mer encourages parents to be closely involved in the progress of their children at all stages. The School plays its part with regular communication in the form of newsletters, direct e-mails from the Head of School and invitations to participate in parents meeting, ,and Annual Day. Class-wise parents meetings are conducted  to ensure clarity and coherence for the process curricular and co curricular  activities in the school. We also conduct  three open houses for parents to know the progress of their wards.
For their part, parents should try to be active partners. This starts with encouragement to their children to work hard and to do their best. Furthermore, parents can best show their interest by their physical presence on open days, by maintaining a close interest in reports and results, by familiarity with School policies and with regular contact with the teachers. Parents have much to contribute to any school and le mer welcomes any ideas they may have for improvement. Academic calendar


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