School Bodies

The student council is a medium for generating potential leaders for the society. Student members are elected by the students of VI to XII   through the procedure  of real election. The Student Council functions as a council representing the student body of the school.
For the smooth and efficient functioning of the school, delegation of  the works is done through various councils and committees at Le mer. The school has

  • Staff  council
  • Academic council
  • Student council
  • Magazine committee
  • Book committee
  • Pragramme coordination committee
  • Youth festival committee
  • Examination Committee
  • Assembly coordination Committee
  • External Competition Committee
  • School Parliament
  • Activity Clubs:-
    1. Eco Club
    2. Literary Club
    3. Fine Arts Club
    4. Current Affairs Club
    5. I. T. Club
    6. Sports Club
    7. School Protection Group (SPG)
    8. Traffic Club
    9. Social Service Scheme Club (S3)
    10. School Protection Council (Girls)
    11. Sexual Harassment Committee
    12. Grievances and Redressal Officer


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