Teaching and learning

Real teaching – learning process does not always stick in the four walls of the class room. It often merges with the world outside exploring the unknown. Instructional days  are 5 in a week and the total number of periods  a day are eight.  Due importance has been given to scholastic  and co-scholastic  areas so as to help the children to  improve  in each one of them.  Digitalized class rooms from KG to class X  give ample chance  for all students to experience learning in a different way. Field trips, surveys, interviews, project works, seminars, group discussions, debate assignments etc connect  the students with the outside world and enable them to choose a more meaning ful path of learning by doing.
In addition to these, students are introduced to the world of charity and compassion to make them more human in their outlook. Giving midday meal on Fridays to the most needy patients of government hospitals , adopting the miserable lives of the destititutes of our neighbourhood  are some of the numberless activities  the school has undertaken our neighbourhood, constructing home for homeless, Onam kits and Onakkody to 250 people from the neighbourhood, extending helping hand to Old age homes, orphanages institutions for differently abled children etc.

Lemer believes that learning should be a preparation for life. Beyond by hearting all the scientific definitions and mathematical formulae, learning acquires a different shade here enabling the children to stand on their own, facing the world with confidence

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