The Le mer difference

  •  The very name of the institution –   ‘Le mer’ – a French word which means “ocean”. A deep sea of wisdom
  • The students find themselves in an edifying environment. Le mer will be a happy, safe, caring and learning community where all students will be treated as individuals and where they will experience a degree of personal freedom along with the obligations that freedom confers.Teachers are experienced, dedicated and committed. They always take extreme care to maintain balance between scholastic and co-scholastic activities of the students.
  • Le mer undertakes and perform each activity in a formal and professional way

 ‘Voice of Le mer’ – The Le mer Radio
‘Resonance’  – Annual Magazine
Extra activities – Abacus, Chess, Musical Aerobics
   S.U.P.W. activity – making of detergents, liquid soaps, hand wash liquid, candles, incense sticks, umbrella, cushions, decorative articles, soft toys,paper bag etc
Patients of local Govt hospital are served on every Friday noons with homemade meals.
 All classrooms are digitalized to facilitate teaching and learning
 Madrasa classes after school hours for those students who need it.
 Regular medical check up is done in the school with the support of ophthalmologists, pediatricians, dentist, physicians, ENT etc.
 Counsellor to overcome learning disabilities
  SMS facility to send important messages to parents
 Parent Login facility to know the performance of students in school
 Computerized multicoloured report cards
 Student data cards , anecdotal records and annual medical reports of student
 Plastic free campus – a campaign to reduce the use of plastic in the campus in the maximum possible ways.

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