Message from the Principal

I have great pleasure to welcome you all to this temple of learning. Right from 2005 Le mer is serving the society by imparting education to the children of the coastal belt of Thriprayar, Nattika and nearby places.

Education is a life- long process enabling the holistic development of an individual. Along with imparting knowledge, the inherent talents of the children are also identified. Modern practices in education are planned to meet these objectives.

Le mer is a new institution in the field of education. But within a short span of thirteen years Le mer could mark its position among the leading senior schools of the state. Le mer proved that any institution with a team of hardworking and co-operative staff, both teaching and non-teaching, with a strong support of enthusiastic and dedicated management members, can achieve this goal, ultimately resulting in the overall development of the students. The positive attitude of our students and the co-operation of their parents are noteworthy here.        

At Le mer we groom students to face the situations positively, to develop a sense of responsibility, and to inculcate moral values and ethical sense in them.

Our students had proved their calibre in literary, cultural and sports activities through their remarkable achievements in various intra-school and inter-school competitions. They also proved their inclination towards love for nature and compassion, through various activities throughout the years and continue with their good ventures.
Keeping in pace with the modern technology and with an intention to provide best possible education Le mer has converted all class rooms into smart rooms right from play class.

Technology blended with tradition and culture is the method followed at Le mer. This makes Le mer different.
The untiring support of our management members is remarkable.  It is an inspiration for our students and staff.

Let us work together with more dedication, determination and confidence for the success of the school with the blessings of the Almighty God.






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